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YOUR 7-DAY Journey to Loving Your Wife for Better or for Worse

Check out my new workbook for husbands, for those who want to become husbands, and women who want know what to look for in a potential husband.  

I thought I had it together and began to search the scriptures to validate my position only to find out I really needed to look inside of myself.   God is faithful so, He took me on a journey to discovering my real role as a husband.  I found my soul in a very uncomfortable place while on this journey.  I realized that it takes a lot more to be Christ like like in my marriage with respect to my wife He blessed me to have.  Well on this Journey, I discovered how broken I really am and in many cases, I completely missed the mark for being a husband like Him.  By His grace, today I am a little closer to being more like Him. The BEST Brides Groom Ever!  If you want to change your marriage for the better or gain a better understanding of the role that God calls Husbands to function in, purchase a copy at: www.YourSevenDayJourney.com or by clicking the Buy Now link provided below. 

I geared this workbook at helping husbands to look inward for solutions to their marital challenges before they look outward at their wife's. This workbook is full of reflective questions that facilitate an inward change. Brothers, if you are serious about your marriage, this is a must read. Wives if you want that man to take his love for you to the next level, you need to get a copy of this workbook for him.

If you are a Christian marriage counselor, you should add this workbook to your tool chest.  Research has affirmed that this mystical relationship that God has sanctioned and given as an example of the love that exists between Him and the Church is actually possible with Him at the center. In this workbook, I take husbands on a seven-day journey to loving their wives as Christ loves Church. I encourage husbands to meet the challenge to put on their Big Boy Pants and to prove to the world that they have what it takes to be the best bridegroom ever!

Please order your copy today and take a second to LIKE us on Face Book at Loving Your Wife for Better for Worse Community.  While you are there, leave a comment or send me an email at: Insight@YourSevenDayJourney.com   For conferences or speaking engagements for men's workshops or conferences, marriage ministries, etc. please complete the contact form at: www.YourSevenDayJourney.com

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Check out the editorial. UnEqually Yoked! Thought provoking and controversial but good “food for thought!”

Volume 2 NOVEMBER /DECEMBER 2012 Issue

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God's favor does not exempt us from hard work.

It is time to dig deep. God always does his part, we need to do ours.

Waiting on the Lord is not anything like it sounds. In fact, it is completely the opposite of what it sounds.

When God’s gives us a glance at the vision he has for our lives, be it ministry based or our soul prospering we cannot have the mindset that we are going to sit back and wait for him to perform it.

We need to ask ourselves what is that we have in our hand. It is time to take inventory. What tools do you have in your talent box that can move you closer to achieving your vision?

We need to take inventory of our talents that God effectively uses in us. Perfect our talents and gifts by exercising them in our service to God as we wait on Him. He is going to do it!

Devotional Archives are short writings directed at changing the reader's posture towards God.


Walking in our New Season! Higher Level Living!

Hold On!  God is Going to do IT!

God is strengthening our relationship and belief in him. What God has for us may require a different level of faith to maintain.  Through the process, God will build our level of faith to a level that is capable of sustaining the level of blessing he has in store for us. God is training our faith.  He is building our ability to faith (not to flex). When we realize our opportunities, we will have to trust God to keep us where he blesses us to go. God is preparing us through the process. REMAIN IN FAITH!    Read more.

  Devotional Archives are short writings directed at changing the reader's posture towards God.

No more Drama!

We need to question what type of friends we have.

If our friends deposit negativity into our lives, they need to go!

If they cannot speak life into our situations, they need to go!

Drama kings and queens, we break emotional and mental ties and free ourselves of your presence in our lives. You no longer have a

    role on the big screen of our lives in our New Season!  Read more

Walking in our New Season! Higher Level Living!

New Season Series

Go with me on this journey into a new season of blessings. Take these steps with me and learn how to step into your new season and stay. Not later but NOW FAITH!

New Season Introduction
Step I:  Our Proclamation
Step II:  Change the Way We Think
Step III:  Quiet the Dialog  
Step IV:  Shut Down the Drama!
Step V:  Loving Ourselves


These articles cover different topics and are driven to educate and motivate believers to exercise their faith based on a foundation of understanding.

A Hero's Reward
Caught in a Whirlwind
Comfort in an Uncomfortable Place
Decisions, Decisions Did you Pray to Long or Stay to Long
Embracing Your Now!
God's Peace Surpasses Understanding

It is Given to Us to Only Trust
Joy Through Servitude
What Images Are You Projecting

The Second Look


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Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

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